10th May 2051 - Xonic Revolution

Good morning world.

As usual it's wonderful to wake up with happy thoughts on the right side of bed. Just back from a morning jog. The average age of my fellow joggers keeps going lower every year. I am now statistically a standard deviation from the group.

Today's topic will be the xonic revolution that we have been a part of for the last decade. Well decade and a half to be exact. For the birth of xonic was indeed around 2035. We had the silent, early adopters among the geeks of Bahmko-vale, who took the technology behind xonogranths and in trying to use it in more and more ways, assimilated it into the xonic we know of today. For the techie inclined, xonogranths are now compiled into the Indian Standards IS.X..509.w17 [why they came up with that 2 dots system is still beyond comprehension of an old foggy like myself].
At the time of writing, .wq1`7 is still under debate, they say, and will really unfetter xonic for usage in outer space as well.

Right now, I am one of the dwindling population of die-hard fans of the old devices, though the rising costs (due to low volumes as per the providers) on the old devices and the obvious advantages of switching completely on to xonet, will force me to surrender my old devices sooner than I had expected.

There's no point waiting for .wq1`7 also for two reasons -
a. The squabble between Moagol and new upstart Sedna-Q is not likely to be resolved in a hurry. The control of space-waves is at stake after all, and both are determined their specs are included in the standard. Or at least it won't be resolved till both have successfully aped each other's specs and it is no longer possible to differentiate between a MG-xon and a SQ-xon.

b. The second more practical reason for not waiting for .wq1`7 is the fact that I am in no dashing hurry to have a vacation on a Moon-resort in the near future. Even if I do decide to go, I can promise you, I for one will not be missing my xonic for a moment. Even on Earth, I feel relaxed, just detaching it for a while. Really helps my meditation sessions, and I have been known to have been found lacking a xonic even on my morning constitutionals, which my group members - especially those born on the wrong side of the century, find unbelievable and implausible.

Having seen both sides of the century personally places me with a distinct advantage. Many such advances seem to have gone through similar cycles, and though for the younger generations, they cannot imagine how the world survived 10k years without xonic, for me this is one of the many waves we have been through since lightning was harnessed.

More later ....

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