IQ-Based Right to Office And Enfranchisement (I-BROE)

4th July 2051,

Finally I-BROE is adopted by World Government and is enacted into an international law. No world citizen with an IQ score of less than 130 will be allowed to run for office in world government and shall indefinitely forfeit his voting rights.

I will take a break from my old tech vs new tech rants this week. This is a movement too large not to comment upon. As you will notice my English also breaks in places as I struggle to put words to this historic moment for mankind.

The arguments in favor are very simple and basically the bare truth.

1. Running the simplest of machinery requires you to have the necessary qualifications. Why should it be any different for running world governments?

2. The same argument applies to who is entitled to choose the fine men and women who will be entrusted with wisely and astutely promulgating world objectives, priorities and standards.
It is just like asking - Who do you want running your HR department. Would you entrust a dork to run your HR and select people who will be working in your highly technical departments?
Well, in the same vein, why would you allow a person with IQ below 130 to decide who runs the government.

The arguments against are fatuous at best -

1. This will result in a select club of people running world government.
2. The lowest of the low has been left un-catered to and without representation.

Considering the numbers of population with IQ above 130, it can hardly be called a select club. The concept of a select club by itself is not to be disparaged anyway.

99% of world wealth has been held and controlled by 4% of the population for at least 5 millenia. And they have done a not too bad job of maintaining the world economy engine. No doubt there have been shudders and jerks along the way, but these wealthy individuals are not gods to foresee and mitigate every calamity. All in all, the economy has been kept on a progressive path and intermittent hiccups are to be treated as just such - necessary jerks to keep the momentum steady.

So now why not a select club of 5% intelligent people in whose capable hands lies the power to govern. (It is to be noted that the 4% wealthy and the 5% intelligent do not necessarily overlap)

And why should this result in the lowest of the low feeling unrepresented? Their fate is much more secure in the hands of the intelligent rather than one of their own fools, who rises to power based on sheer numbers, only to be slain at the hands of pride, greed or insolence. It is rather the economist, the scientist and the teacher who has the right frame of mind to govern in the best interest of mankind as a whole. Obviously they do not govern only to satisfy the needs of 5-9% of the population.

This momentous occassion also deserves the chronology of events leading up to it to be listed here. Might be a good lesson in history for all you know.

- 1912 - IQ tests devised
- 1914 - IQ tests of 1.7 million recruits carried out. (It is to be noted that 0.5% were dischaged while 3% would have been preferably discharged by their officers.)
- 2000 - Research indicates that IQ levels are increasing at the level of 3 points per decade on average.

There were various laws passed along the way to constantly remove the lumpen element from government. This is the culminations of all those efforts to finally get the world council on its way.