Xonic Revealed

15th August 2051 -

Xonics played a major role in how the recently concluded world council elections played out. I finally got myself the latest SQ-xon and blame all the hoop-la for giving in to this temptation. With this my conversion to xonet is complete and I have divested myself of all my old devices [well almost - the TouchTable still lies connected in my den].

As we all know, the origin of xonet is in the xanogranths. But before all the tech and the specs came the innovation. And that root is what we will examine today. For in studying our history do we get clues to our future.

The whole logic behind xanogranths is based on sharing of resources. For too long we had suffered the inefficiencies and impediments to progress of fettering resources to the major producers and providers. This had resulted in the quashing of all innovation which was inimical to the vested interests of the providers.

Xonet would never have become a reality had the concept of shared resources not caught on with the advent of cloud computing. And even cloud had its origins in the sharing of real-world (old-world) resources like cars, residential spaces, DVDs (remember those round shiny discs?).

People started realizing that they need not block their resources in things which would become obsolete in a few days, months or years. How many times would you see a DVD which you bought? Did you buy a gaming equipment to find an upgrade with higher storage available a few weeks later? Did you find yourself with one room less than what you need in your apartment after a few years? Do you find yourself envying the car in front of you?

The answer came in the form of providers who were ready to invest their capital and let you be the user of the best, the latest and the resource most apt to your ever changing needs. Apartments were the most emotional decisions of all to let go of, but once people saw the advantage of convenience in staying closest to their educational and career areas, SWITCHOME succeeded in breaking new ground and there was no looking back.

SharCars were pretty easy to sell when we saw that we could drive a BMW this week, a Merc the next and zip off in a Ferrari for the beach vacation. All this at the same cost we would have paid the bank for the next five to seven years in buying a sedan.

When this same concept was applied to the apps and storage domain, cloud computing was born. In a sense we went back to the dumb terminal concept of the previous century. Only this time there was no terminal to own also.

Just like apartments were dogged with emotional attachments, cloud was also hampered by fears of privacy, security, controls and again an emotional attachment to data. CFOs were loath to see their accounting data stored in invisible clouds instead of their ERP servers kept under vault like security.

It was only the great wars and economic shocks preceding the '20s which took the decision out their hands. With scarce resources and their organisations very survival at stake, they had no choice but to opt for shared resources.

The need to converge and co-exist with competing equipments became a necessity leading to Shared Specs and Unique Communication Protocol Support (SSUPCS) across technologies. The first commercially viable application was the WallScreen in the '20s where it was possible to simultaneously perform streaming, gaming and computing all with networking capability. The screen of course gave way pretty soon to the HoloProj which eliminated the need of screens for all equipment. (Luckily it was possible for me to upgrade my TouchTable with the HoloProj converter - one of the few old devices still around for nostalgic reasons)

Anyway, once the screen was converged, came the question of the viability of so many different equipments to connect to. That was what germinated the very idea of the xonic. With the discovery of nano-netcells and shared networking capabilities, Xonify was adopted by World Government as the technology of the future. The research was compiled into xanogranths (or xonogranths depending on which side of the Atlantic you are speaking to) and the specs were designed into the Indian Standards IS.X..509.w17

Published from my SQ-xon ....